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When Comparing Decks & Materials,
There Is NOT A ‘One-Size-Fits-All’ Solution

The Key Is To Get Expert Guidance And Find The Right Answer For YOU.


When it comes to talking about decks in Colorado Springs, CO, we don’t believe in “hyping” one material or product over another. While we can make smart recommendations based on our decades of experience, we never try to say there is only one right solution for every situation.

We prefer education over salesmanship, and that is why we would rather outline pros and cons for you, give you our best advice, and then let you decide what you want.

Here is a quick guide to some of the most common deck material choices:

Pressure Treated Lumber Decks:

This is a popular choice for do-it-yourselfers and inexperienced deck contractors in Colorado Springs. On the positive side, this material is relatively inexpensive, is easily available, and for homeowners building their own deck in Colorado Springs, it is easy to cut and fasten with screws.

In almost every circumstance, we recommend going with another material. For one thing, pressure treated lumber can warp, crack, or split. It also means lots of maintenance, which costs money and time. It will need power washed every year and will need to be stained or treated with a preservative every two years.

In short, this choice is relatively inexpensive up front, but requires a lot of maintenance and is not very durable.

Redwood & Cedar Decks:

This is a beautiful choice for a deck in Colorado Springs. Redwood or red cedar deck that creates a classic look – it is the wood’s natural attractiveness that gives this choice its timeless appeal.

It costs more than pressure-treated lumber, but it also is more naturally resistant to decay. This deck also requires maintenance to continue to look good and remain free of rot. It is recommended that you power wash it once a year, and you will need to apply a wood preservative finish every 3 or 4 years.

This is a good choice if you want a classic look that is more beautiful and durable than pressure treated lumber.

Hardwood Decks:

Hardwood is another popular choice for decks in Colorado Springs, CO. These rich-grained woods are naturally resistant to rot and insects. They are very hard and very durable. For customers that want hardwood decks, we often recommend ipe wood (also known as Ironwood). It is beautiful and dark wood.

Hardwood decks don’t accept stains very well because of their density, but applying a clear wood finish every 3 years or so will help protect it from weathering.

Hardwood costs more than pressure-treated lumber but looks a lot better and lasts longer.

Composite & Other Synthetic Decks:

As more homeowners discover the benefits of composite decks in Colorado Springs, they continue to get more popular. (Composite deck materials contain wood fibers combined with synthetic materials, while synthetic decks are composed completely of non-wood materials.)

The best thing about these options are that they don’t split, warp, rot, or splinter. There are a range of pricing options depending on what you want, but there are reasonably-priced, high-quality options.

The other big benefit when selecting composite or synthetic options is that they need very little maintenance. They never need refinished or stained, and sanding is never necessary. The only maintenance typically needed is occasional cleaning.

There are many attractive options to choose from. Many composite decks in Colorado Springs give the look of wood but without the heavy maintenance and decay that comes with wood options.

More About Your Deck Options:

One thing homeowners tell us they like about working with Decks R Us is this: we don’t sell or hype one type of decking material over another. We listen to your goals, your budget, and the space where the deck will go before we make any recommendations.

List Of Excellent Manufacturers

We are careful about the products we recommend – we want our customers to have top quality so their deck lasts and lasts.
Here are some of our top brands:

  • Clubhouse Deck and Rail (We are also Colorado Springs’ Exclusive Platinum Installers for this product)

  • Timber Tech Deck and Rail (Bronze Installer status earned)

  • AZEK Railing

  • AZEK Decking for Colorado Springs (Bronze Installer status earned)

  • Westbury aluminum Rail

  • Fortress Iron Rail

  • High Point Deck Lighting

  • Lansing Building Products

  • Specialty Wood Products

  • Cedar Supply

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