Outdoor Living Faq

Frequently Asked Questions
About Outdoor Living Environments


What is a MODLS?

MODLS is our name for a Multi-functional Outdoor Living Space. We use this term to help our customers open up to the possibility of creating more than “just a deck” in Colorado Springs. Most homeowners want something that will serve all the functions they want for their outdoor space – to entertain, to relax, and more.
We are like special consultants that can help you bring your vision of a beautiful outdoor living environment to life. From stamped concrete to outdoor fireplaces to stone columns, we’re Colorado Springs’ most prolific outdoor-environment contractor.

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What are the advantages of adding an Outdoor Living Environment to my home?

  • You are greatly expanding the usable space of your home.

  • It will increase the value of your home.

  • Entertaining becomes easier and more fun.

  • You create a space that gives you personal satisfaction and a place to relax.

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Who do I contact if I have a question or concern as my Outdoor Living Environment is installed?

You will have direct communication with the owner Kevin McGee. If you have ever had an experience with a home improvement company where you “got the run around” when you had a concern or problem, get ready for the exact opposite experience.
There is never any question with Decks R Us. You’ll deal directly with the owner on any questions or concerns and you’ll get a fast response.

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What specific options do I have to customize my Outdoor Living Environment?

With our experience plus our professional design skills, there is nothing we can’t do for you when it comes to creating a fully customized MODLS. We bring more suggestions to the table than a typical Colorado Springs deck builder and can help you discover what will work for you.

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Will creating an Outdoor Living Environment be expensive?

Our philosophy is the amount you want to invest is completely in your control. We know some deck contractors in Colorado Springs pressure you to spend more than you want to. We see our role as educating you on the cost of different options and then letting you decide what works best for you.
We will explain why in some cases spending more up front will actually save you money because of lower maintenance costs and because it will last longer. But we never use sales pressure and we leave all decisions to you.

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