Design Your Perfect Colorado Deck

3 Unique Ways to Use Stone Walls on Your Property

Stone walls add an elegant and natural look to any property, but if you have never used stone features before, you might have trouble deciding exactly how to do so. Use the following ideas to come up with your own plans for stone walls in Colorado Springs.

Use Stone as Part of Your Deck

Who says a deck can only be made of wood? Adding stone to your deck will give it a unique new look. Use stone to build your deck’s support beams and couple it with dark wood stains for a sophisticated look. You can also use stone to create seating areas or to box in a flowerbed right on your deck.

Build Stone Privacy Walls

Would you like more privacy when you relax in your yard? Chain link fences are flimsy with no privacy. Wrought iron fences are sturdier, but prone to rust and still lacking in privacy. Stone walls solve both problems. Because there is no metal that can rust, they are easier to maintain, and unlike fencing, stone doesn’t offer ways for neighbors to peek through. You can build stone walls in Colorado Springs as small or as tall as you would like, so they are completely customizable to your style preferences.

Create Stone Retaining Walls

Use stone to build retaining walls that not only protect your property, but add to its beauty. Retaining walls keep soil in place to avoid flooding or erosion that ruins patios, flowerbeds or other landscaping. You can create your retaining walls using stones in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors to best match the style of the rest of your property. Build short ones around flower beds or tall ones to protect much larger areas.

Are you ready to add a new element to your property? Be sure to hire a professional to design and build your stone walls in Colorado Springs. Doing so ensures you receive a product of excellent quality.