Design Your Perfect Colorado Deck

Amazing Backyard Makeovers

Are you ready to transform your lawn into a backyard sanctuary complete with luscious flowers, trickling streams and contemporary designs? What about adding a modernized deck area for all your cozy outdoor furniture? If so, let the professionals at Azek Decking in Colorado Springs help you create a modern, personalized and stunning backyard that will be the envy of all your neighbors. To get your creative design ideas flowing, here are three amazing ways to makeover your backyard.

Wash Away Stress

Listening to the trickling water of a gently flowing stream is a great way to relax and unwind. While you may think this is reserved for an afternoon in a meadow a summer camping adventure, there are a multitude of water features are available for your backyard. If you are unsure ofhow to start, remember to ask Azek Decking in Colorado Springs for guidance. Moreover, incorporating fountains, DIY creeks and birdbaths are simple ways to add tranquility and elegance. Creeks can be constructed using gravel, concrete, stones and PVC pipes. Birdbaths with circulating water fountains will keep your heart happy while providing your neighborhood birds with a clean and welcoming place to rest.

Country Gazebo

A more involved project for your backyard could be a charming, country gazebo. Even a small gazebo can be adorned with delicate string lights, seasonal decor and brilliantly colored potted plants. The addition of aenchanting and rustic country gazebo in your backyard can be completed by the experts at Azek Decking in Colorado. This charming enhancement creates an elegant touch, providinga space for afternoon reading on those perfect summer days ora shady spot for your warming morning tea.

Garden Borders

If you enjoy gardening or planting vegetables, you can easily beautify your gardening space with unique borders. These keep pesky animals from trampling your flowers while enhancing your outdoor space. Popular garden borders include:

• Stone

• Iron fencing

• Brick

• Composite timber

• Wooden fencing

These borders are easy to install, reflect your personal style and make for easy maintenance in garden beds. Even the simplest garden border can be like a facelift for your yard. If you are ready for your backyard makeover, call Azek Decking in Colorado Springs and get ready to enjoy a peaceful, stunning and truly unique backyard. You may even find your neighbors saying that the grass really is greener on the other side.