Design Your Perfect Colorado Deck

Custom Decks Step By Step In Colorado Springs

So you want the perfect deck but you don’t really know what that is exactly. Well, the perfect deck is the deck that 1) makes you happy and 2) fits your lifestyle! Custom decks in Colorado Springs are easier than you might think when you take it one step at a time.

Planning the Design The first step to achieving your perfect deck starts with the design. A deck that is perfect meets your personal needs. You have no worries when planning your new custom deck, because the first step is to visit with a deck designer that will listen to all your ideas and dreams for your new deck. Your deck design planner will help you set goals, establish a budget, and help you to understand the whole construction process. Your deck designer can help you with your decisions, such as how many levels your deck will be, and how to incorporate the rest of the yard into your deck plans. You might have some special trees that will add a feeling to your deck that will make it more enjoyable and personal for you.

Size is Relevant The planning stages start with a design and then move on to deciding the size. You will want to plan your deck according to the size of your house and yard. The design planner will guide you with this so that your new deck fits perfectly with your house and yard. If you choose to have multiple layers to your decks, the stairs that connect the levels can be of various widths and depths to make each transition seamless. Your yard will also make a big difference in deciding your deck size. You might want to plan a deck that leads to a garden or overlooks an existing water feature. If you don’t have a water feature, but would like one, the planning stage is the perfect time to add that to your deck plans, too.

Features That Make Your Deck Perfect For You You will want the exact features that make your deck perfect for you. Your designer will show you ideas to go along with the ideas you already have to personalize your deck. You can look at galleries of deck ideas with features that make the perfect deck. Fire features, water features, and media features are all available to make your deck exactly what you want. You can totally focus on an outdoor kitchen or maybe just a comfy gathering place, it’s totally up to you. When designing custom decks for your home in Colorado Springs, the options are endless.

Materials After you choose the plans and features for your perfect deck, the next step will be selecting the materials for your deck. There are many colors and choices of materials. The process is so much fun when you have all the choices shown to you by someone who has years of experience, and knows exactly how each of the materials will perform in your new perfect deck. The materials you choose will depend on what features you have chosen and the look you want to achieve in your perfect deck.

The perfect deck for you might be an intimate gathering spot or a mega deck with multi-levels of entertainment fun. It’s up to you and your dreams. When you call Decks R Us, the perfect deck will be an easy, fulfilling process to achieve. We will work with you and guide you through each step of the deck building process - with years of experience for you to rely on. So call today and visit with a consultant to make your perfect deck a reality.