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How to Care for Your Stamped Concrete Patio

Making the choice to install a patio made of stamped concrete in Colorado Springs is a great way to bring beauty and style to your outdoor living space. When you choose a quality material like stamped concrete, you want to take care of your investment and maintain the look of the space you’ve created. This means properly cleaning and maintenancing your stamped concrete. While long-lasting on its own, stamped concrete requires care to stay beautiful and free of cracks. With harsher weather on its way, it’s best to prepare a proper routine for the upkeep of your patio.

Cleaning Your Stamped Concrete Patio Keeping your stamped concrete in Colorado Springs clean keeps it looking it best throughout the years. As with any other outdoor surface, dirt, grime, and algae can build up on the surface, making it difficult to clean. Even simple things like leaves and wood can rot and stain your patio permanently if left to sit.

With regular sweeping, the majority of the dirt and debris on your porch can be taken care of without dedicating a lot of time out of your day. Adding in a weekly mop down can keep your stamped concrete clean and free of grime and algae. For a more thorough cleaning job, investing in a power cleaner can save time and energy while still doing an effective job with stripping away any unwanted build up on your patio’s surface.

Maintenance You Can Do Sealing your patio can make its upkeep even easier. By applying sealant, you can prevent stains and keep your patio looking shiny and new. By resealing your patio of stamped concrete in Colorado Springs, you prevent wear from foot traffic and damage caused by ice and snow in the winter. The application of polish or floor wax to the surface can give the stamped concrete an additional buffer against scuffing and wear while adding an extra sheen to the surface of your patio. For recommendations on sealant, you should contact your patio installer to get advice on effective and affordable options that suit your patio’s needs.