Design Your Perfect Colorado Deck

Light Up Your Outdoor Life Beautifully

Feeling lighthearted? Perhaps it’s time to think about nighttime illumination for your property. Considering the many options, from security to purely aesthetic lighting treatments, you’ll want to get together with a professional who has experience with outdoor lighting in Colorado Springs. Here are fouroptions to help start that conversation:

Safety Lighting

Ensuring safe passage through your property should be top of mind, which speaks to strategically placed lighting at steps, pools, water and other specialty features such as bridges. Low-level lighting is perfect, since it will illuminate potential hazards but isn’t bright enough to block out objects in surrounding, darker areas.

Security Lighting

Security lighting should highlight key areas of security concern while still enabling visibility into neighboring unlit areas. An expert in outdoor lighting in Colorado Springs will work with you to identify proper placement of this kind of low-level illumination.

Task Lighting

The enjoyment of your property after dark might include activities such as backyard barbeques, water polo or basketball!Keep the lights on at your deck, patio and sports court, and don’t forget to illuminate the steps and pathways.

Aesthetic Lighting

Your brain goes to work processing visual signals that will even affect the subconscious. The outdoor lighting you choose, therefore, should not only be visually beautiful but appealing on an emotional level, as well. Be creative; use your heart as well as your head when choosing illumination for your deck, gazebo, patio or fireplace areas.

Make Your Outdoor Areas Nighttime-Comfortable

Although nighttime lighting of all types will provide a greater contrast between light and dark areas, you’ll want to keep clear of extreme contrasts in brightness. Go for balance, and consider the perspectives involved. Even in the dead of winter, beautiful nighttime illumination will lift the spirits and warm the heart as friends and family gather at your outdoor fireplace or fire pit. Depend on a professional with experience in outdoor lighting in Colorado Springs to help light your way.