Design Your Perfect Colorado Deck

Make Your Outdoor Living Area Unique and Functional

The views in Colorado Springs are fantastic, so why not spend as much time outdoors as possible? You can even do this while staying at home with a fully realized outdoor space that speaks to your style. Patios and outdoor kitchens in Colorado Springs are easy to customize, so here are a few ideas to consider.

Dark and Rustic Dark wood stains and river rocks make your outdoor living area dark with the feeling you are deep in the woods. This is the perfect backdrop for a neighborhood barbeque where everyone brings their own meats to grill in your backyard. Rustic can also be bright if you choose a paler wood stain and shale or cream-colored stones.

Bright and Modern Stainless steel can work outside as well as it does in your kitchen, so try a bright, shiny grill for your outdoor kitchens in Colorado Springs. Clean lines can create a modern feel, such as a slim railing with glass windows instead of a wooden lattice fence. Stucco in bright colors or unique tile accents along the edge of your patio are other ways to create a modern feel with a Southwestern twist.

Soft and Comfy Who says you can only lounge in the living room? Plush padding on your benches and some weather-resistant throw pillows can make your outdoor space cozy. Add some blankets so you can curl up and watch the clouds go by when the weather gets chilly. With a lattice patio cover and greenery laced throughout, your outdoor space might become your favorite reading spot.

Outdoor kitchens in Colorado Springs are very popular, and it is easy to see why. With so many quality options, your outdoor space can stand out from the rest. Small features go a long way toward creating a space that is functional and stylish, so find out more with your local contractor.