Design Your Perfect Colorado Deck

Stucco for Every Style

Stucco is a versatile building material that can add warm, rustic appeal to your space. It may also prove very durable when properly built. If you are planning to install stucco walls in Colorado Springs, there are several styles you can choose from.

Your stucco willneed water resistant underlayment in order to prevent moisture damage to the wall beneath. There are two main popular stucco systems:

Three Coat Stucco

Three coat stucco is generally installed over a layer of weather resistant paper, plus chicken wire to support thematerial as it dries. The stucco itself is then applied in three layers, each with a finer texture than the next:

• Scratch coat

The scratch coat is applied with a trowel, then scraped to create ridges. It must be allowed to dry for around two days before the addition of the next layer.

• Brown coat

The second layer generally contains sand to help the finish coat adhere. This brown coat is also allowed to cure before the final layer is added.

• Finish coat

The final layer contains the finest texture. This coat comes in a variety of colors and finishes. It can also be covered with paint after it has dried.

Many people may choose a three coat system for their stucco walls in Colorado Springs. This systemtakes a bit longer, but produces a thick, sturdy wall that will spruce up your outdoor space for many years.

One Coat Stucco

Despite the name, one coat stucco usually contains two layers. This method may prove speedier and less expensive than the three coat system, but produces a somewhat thinner wall. One coat stucco is generally applied over foam in these layers:

• Base coat

The one coat process merges the scratch coat and brown coat into a single layer called the base coat. This layer may be either sprayed on or applied by trowel.

• Finish coat

As with three coat stucco, the one coat process finishes with a final layer that is available in a variety of colors and textures. Some textures must be hand applied, while others can be sprayed on.

Stucco Options

Whichever stucco system you choose, it is important to have it installed properly. The quality of your finished stucco walls in Colorado Springs will depend on the caliber of the workmanship.