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The 411 on Stucco Walls and Their Benefits

The purpose of siding is to improve your home’s energy efficiency, while giving it a boost in curb appeal. With so many possibilities available, you probably have a hard time choosing a material that’s right for your exteriors. For an option that looks seamless, provides effective insulation and requires very little maintenance, stucco is a top performer. Here are some things you need to know before shopping for a contractor to install stucco walls in Colorado Springs.

Decades of Durable, Low-Maintenance Beauty If you’ve seen the outside of a stucco home before, you already know how sturdy it looks. The great news is that it doesn’t just look sturdy. This rock-hard substance is a type of cement plaster composed of Portland cement, sand, lime and water. It’s a pretty solid combination that withstands fire, wind and impacts from the weather. Depending on local climate conditions, most stucco surfaces last a minimum of 50 years.

Added Insulation Improved Energy Efficiency Besides protecting your residence from the elements, stucco can compensate for air gaps in the exterior walls of your home. Installing stucco walls in Colorado Springs can also impact how much heat is transferred through your outside surfaces, which can lower your heating and cooling bills. Since the key objective with any insulative home improvement is to control heat loss, new exterior stucco is a win for both durability and energy efficiency.

Finding a Stucco Installation Company Choosing a business to apply your stucco isn’t much different than contracting any other type of home improvement company. You need to evaluate each provider based on several factors:

A verifiable physical location Valid contractor’s license Reputation Customer reviews Most importantly, you should consider how every company installing stucco walls in Colorado Springs treats you in your dealings with them. A company’s representatives should be attentive listeners (, provide you with detailed proposals and avoid high-pressure sales tactics. The personal touch is always essential when it comes to vetting home improvement companies, so make sure you feel comfortable with your contractor before hiring him or her.