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The Allure of Stone Walls in Landscaping

In 1882, when the United States of America was still a relatively young country, a writer suggested that farmers should build rock walls using the stones in their fields. The idea was that the stone walls would deter wild animals and stock from wandering into the fields and improve the soil by removing the rocks. In 1990, due to the theft of stones from beautiful walls across the state (and the entire country), New Hampshire enacted a law with severe penalties against people who stole the stones. A rising generation of novice landscapers has embraced the idea of stone walls in Colorado Springs.

A Lingering Tradition

On a worldwide scale, the practice of building dry stone walls is on the decline. This stems from the fact that those walls, once laboriously fitted together without the use of mortar, no longer have the same practical purpose or popularity that they had. However, stone walls in Colorado Springs have a great deal of visual appeal and the allure of tradition that surrounds the use of rocks pulled from local stores continues to draw attention from even young homeowners.

Factors to Consider

Before building any stone walls in Colorado Springs, there are a few facts to consider. The first of these is only relevant if you are taking down an existing wall and replacing it. Sometimes older boundaries were not resting accurately on the property line. You’ll want to have the property surveyed and marked appropriately. Next, if you’re planning to remove or upgrade an older, existing stone wall, check with the local government historical or conservation agencies to be sure your plans fit within established requirements. Finally, there may be some local building codes that govern the construction of stone walls in Colorado. You may be required to obtain a permit or have the wall inspected as it is built.

Add Natural Beauty to Your Landscaping

If you’ve been considering adding a stone wall to your Colorado Springs property, you aren’t alone. Enjoy the beauty of a long-treasured landscaping element and make sure that your project meets current building regulations.