Design Your Perfect Colorado Deck

Three Patio Covers Designed to Make Your Backyard a Retreat

The backyard can be an oasis for the whole family. Patio covers extend the al fresco dining season, offer climate control and add beauty to your backyard landscape.While there are a variety of ways to cover some of your outdoor space, pergolas, shade sails and decks are three popular choices for homeowners in Colorado Springs.


Pergolas are garden features that can be built adjacent to your home or elsewhere throughout the garden or yard.These freestanding structures are normally constructed of wooden beams, pillars or natural log poles and have an open lattice work top.Similar to a gazebo, yet constructed in more shapes and sizes, pergolas offer many of the same benefits and several additional perks.The open top of these patio covers is perfectly constructed to support woody vines and other climbing plants. Many homeowners grow grapes, flowering vines or bougainvillea tendrils to beautify their yard and provide a canopy of shade.

Shade Sails

Shade sails are simple and inexpensive, yet trendy and extremely effective at providing shade.A shade sail is a large piece of specially-made cloth designed to stand up to the elements and block out harmful UV radiation, while providing a cool place to dine, swim or just relax.As the popularity of these canopies has increased, so have the available shapes, sizes and colors.They attach easily to existing structures, or can be supported by freestanding posts.


While decks usually provide open space to lounge in the sun, they can also be constructed at a significant height, creating a covered area below that can serve as a retreat from the elements.Planning to utilize the space above and below the deck is a great way to add livable area to your backyard.Decks, shade sails and pergolas are all beautiful, practical patio covers for any Colorado Springs, yard.