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What Makes Stucco So Popular?

Stucco walls in Colorado Springs are a popular choice with many home and business owners. If you’ve been considering updating your exterior, you might have some questions about this choice. Here’s some basic information about the popular siding option.

Unique Texture and Style

People sometimes choose stucco for its unique texture and recognizable style. It is often used as an alternative to siding or brick to create a distinction from the other homes or businesses in the area. It is typically considered to have a more refined appeal than siding without the cost of brick. It’s nice to be able to choose a home improvement based on visual appeal, but there are other factors that may be given higher priority.

Limited Maintenance Requirements

The low maintenance requirements for stucco walls in Colorado Springs is another deciding factor that influences property owners who opt for this exterior. The combination of water, cement, sand and lime produces a rough and durable exterior that stands up well to harsh weather. Sometimes synthetic acrylics and fibers are mixed into the material, making it easier to apply. Easy application means that stucco is useful for covering up unsightly cracks or holes in the exterior of the home.

Insulation for Improved Efficiency

The layers of cement, silica and lime provide an insulating shell around your home. This can help to keep your monthly heating and cooler costs low. The barrier might also work to reduce noise pollution. That materials in the siding tend to be resistant to rot, mold and fire.

Stucco Is a Clear Choice

The installation of stucco walls in Colorado Springs can be quick and convenient. The results are attractive and you’ll have a lot of control over the color of the finished product. With just a little bit of maintenance, you could expect the exterior to last more than 50 years. With financial savings and minimal work, you may never choose another type of siding again.