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Why to Choose Stucco Over Plaster for Your Walls

Those who simply dabble in home renovations don’t often understand the difference between stucco and plaster. However, master builders know that one material is more well-suited to handling the job in household settings. If you’re interested in adding stucco walls in Colorado Springs, here is a basic rundown as to why stucco can be a more beneficial choice than regular plaster for home renovations.

How Plaster and Stucco Are Comparable Plaster and stucco are building materials that are composed of a lot of the same parts. They are similar in texture and thickness, yet their main ingredients differ just enough to make them have varying results. The binder used in each formula is the direct cause of the differences, creating the strong consistency.

Those who have looked into plaster are often confronted with one of two binders, lime or gypsum. Lime has always been a cheaper, more accessible ingredient, able to easily mix with water and sand for its signature finish. Gypsum, meanwhile, has the ability to cure faster and therefore is used more readily simply due to time constraints.

When you’re deciding on plaster or stucco walls in Colorado Springs, the choice may not seem very important. However, stucco reigns supreme over plaster for a look that’s beautiful and more dependable over time.

Stucco Wins in The Strength Contest Stucco, also called render, isn’t visibly all that different from plaster but its added strength capabilities make it a wiser choice for long-lasting durability. Stucco is made with numerous additives on top of the average binders, water and sand. These additives create a harder shell, helping to give it a more reliable finish that can last for decades.

Renovating your home requires a lot of decision-making, but choosing stucco walls in Colorado Springs over plaster is a greater investment of your time and hard-earned money. A vote for stucco means you can achieve a well-designed, long-lasting look.****