Do You Have References?

Our Answer:

Sure, How Many Would You Like?

The ‘Decks R Us’ philosophy is to build every single deck in Colorado Springs to the highest standards. Because of that, we never worry about what our customers will say to other homeowners – we know it will be positive!

As a matter of fact, our past customers become our friends and true advocates. Some companies shy away from giving references or make it difficult to get them. We’re the exact opposite: we love when homeowners ask us for references.

We do recommend you get references from any deck contractor in Colorado Springs you are considering hiring for a project. There is no better way to get to really know a company than by speaking directly to their customers.

Some feel a little bit shy about calling references. If you do, here are some helpful questions to get you started:

  • What was your overall satisfaction with the project?

  • Did the results match what you were promised?

  • Did any problems come up? If so, how well were they handled?

  • If you could do it over, would you hire them again?

Ready to speak to our references? Give us a call or ask for them during your initial consultation. We will be happy to provide them.